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The Art: Ron Wimberly’s artwork mirrors the look of the animated series, with exaggerated expressions and movements. The colours give this the look it needs, with everything down to the yellowed pages behind the panels harking back to 1970s comics. There’s a great use of sound effects also, making your eyes move over the page with perfect comedic timing. 

Being a fan of the film, the last comic book, and the animated series, I have a very biased opinion (as does fellow RWG writer Wesley Messer), but I honestly think that a knowledge of Black Dynamite is not necessary to enjoy this book. If you are at all familiar with cult blaxploitation films and you have a sense of humour, then I can’t imagine you not completely loving Black Dynamite #1.Final score: 10 out of 10.

Cover art:  Marcelo Ferreira

Pencils : Ronald WImberly

Inks: Sal Buscema  

Colors: Jim Ringuet

Pick up issue#1! : http://comicsalliance.com/black-dynamite-1-idw-preview/



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    this was a great book! and ron wimberly is a master!
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